Medical Marijuana Labels & Custom Cannabis RX Labels

Here at Cannabis Labels, we provide a variety of solutions for custom preprinted marijuana labels, packaging and graphic design for every sector of the cannabis industry. Whether you are a grower, a processor or in the Marijuana Infused Products sector, Cannabis Labels can help you with all your labeling, packaging and design needs.  Our goal is to help your business present itself in a professional manner while following all of the state’s guidelines concerning medical marijuana RX labels and packaging.

Cannabis Labels - Labels


Get custom marijuana labels at the best price with our professional custom medical marijuana RX label services:

Custom Preprinted Labels – Get your Brand on!  We mean it!  We offer beautifully designed custom cannabis labels capitalizing on years of experience in the printing industry, we want to set a new standard of printing excellence in the Cannabis Industry.

Custom Blank Die Cut Labels – If you prefer to print your own medical cannabis RX labels in house, we can provide you with the perfect custom size label out of a host of different materials so you can make your product stand out.

Compliant medical cannabis RX labels – We will help to ensure that you are in compliance with state regulations by creating tamper-evident medical cannabis RX labels and packaging.

Counterfeit prevention – We provide counterfeit solutions to prevent your medical marijuana labels from being copied and to help protect your brand.

Cannabis Labels - Label Printers & Software


We are your premier provider for Custom Marijuana Packaging.  We offer packaging supplies of a wide variety including:

Edible packaging – Custom printed cannabis stand up pouches.

Flower packaging  – Child resistant pop top bottles, reverse cap bottles, barrier bags.

Concentrate containers – Silicone, screw top, glass and tin containers.

Pre roll packaging – Joint and blunt tubes, barrier bags.

Cannabis Labels - Design & Development


Our design services aren’t just limited to your medical cannabis labels – we focus on providing design solutions over all platforms.  We use HD graphics for our cannabis labels to make your products stand out and easy to read.  The following are the major design services that we provide:

Cannabis Label format – Already have a design but need some tweaks?  We can make the changes you need to your design as your needs change.

Cannabis label design – Have an idea and some chicken scratch of what you would like?  No problem we can design your label from scratch.

Graphic logo and branding design – Want a brand new look?  We will help create both your logo and your marijuana labels in order to strengthen your brand identity and to differentiate your products from the competition.